about silvia

“As a designer my aim is to use my jeweller’s skills and expertise to create quality, hand-crafted pieces that can be cherished for years to come.

My aesthetic tends to lean towards designs that have clean lines with the intention to transcend time”

How did it start?

“On a whim I changed my university application to major in Jewellery and Object Design just because it sounded interesting. On the first day I picked up a jeweller’s saw I knew I had found my niche!”

Silvia has always been creative, but was also a bit of a perfectionist, scrunching up art works when they weren’t good enough, just to do them again until they were the best she could do.

She discovered jewellery when she left high school and went to study Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, where she majored in Jewellery and Object Design; a very conceptual degree that taught her to push the boundaries of what is considered jewellery – to experiment with new materials, techniques and develop concepts into designs.

Then one day watching a master jeweller making an engagement ring her passion for jewellery was cemented and she was determined to learn the traditional methods of making jewellery so she went on to study Jewellery Manufacturing alongside completing a Jeweller’s Apprenticeship.

During this time her aesthetic of contemporary design combined with traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques emerged.

silvia’s process

Silvia is very dedicated to her craft and loves working with clients who want a unique piece of jewellery designed especially for them.

With a down to earth and approachable nature Silvia gets to know her clients in order to design their perfect piece. She welcomes them to be involved in the design process and share their thoughts and ideas.

Silvia realises every person is different and sometimes it takes prototypes or experimentation to develop the perfect design.

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