Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Silvia Potente Jewellery is made with the intention to last a long time, with a consciousness for choosing ethical & sustainable options where possible. I am always striving to use more natural, ethical and sustainable procedures and materials in my craft. 

Diamonds & Gemstones

The beauty of using natural precious Gemstones and Diamonds is that when cared for correctly they will last forever and can be re-cut, re-polished and re-used in a new jewellery design. All Diamonds and Gemstones are sourced from established and reputable suppliers whose stones are conflict-free and ethically mined. All Diamonds are enforced by the Kimberley process. All diamonds are graded and all diamonds above 0.50ct will come with a certificate.


All my Jewellery is made with precious metals. The superior qualities of Silver, Gold and Platinum means that they can be repaired or eventually melted down or refined to be re-used in a new design. All metals are sourced from established suppliers from the UK who use a majority of recycled metals and adhere to sustainable mining practices.


All my jewellery is crafted by myself in my own studio, so there is no use of overseas factories. I do have to outsource certain elements such as diamond or gemstone setting, and the craftspeople I use for these services are also located in Australia or England and work to lawful standards. I am very aware of my own personal health and conscious of doing what I can to limit any impact on the environment. Where possible I opt for natural products and safely dispose of any chemicals I use.